Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Games For Learning!

Games are a great way to teach and reinforce concepts. Plus, it's so much fun, your child won't even know they are learning! Here are a few that have worked for us!

Reading, Spelling, Phonics, and Vocabulary Games

BINGO with words
Print a page with your child's spelling or reading words and play BINGO!  Here's a link to a free 100 most commonly used words printable that you can use for BINGO!
Take 2 
This is a game our whole family really enjoys! Here's how you play: Use scrabble tiles from your scrabble board game or you can even buy just the scrabble tiles! Place the tiles in the middle of the table. Each player starts with 9 tiles. When you can arrange your tiles so that each tile is used for a word and connected like in scrabble, you call out "take two". Everyone then has to take two more tiles from the middle and continue trying to make and connect words! It is a super fun game and your kids won't even know their learning!

Boggle Junior Game I have been very surprised at what a big hit this game is with my kids! They don't even know they are learning to spell!

Tile Lock Scrabble Age old proven word game! Spell words to get points!

Big Boggle The original Boggle game is what I learned on and loved! My kids like this version as well!

Scrabble Slam Cards This is a fun card game where each player tries to spell words from the cards in their hands!

Educational Insights Blurt! This game has very good reviews and I've only heard good things about it. You play while you learn vocabulary!

Learning Resources Snap It Up! Phonics:Word Families I'm super excited about this game! Ordering it today!

Math Games

There are so many variations of dominoes. Our favorite is the standard dominoes game where you have to add up to a multiple of five to earn points, and 42! Easy, fun, and inexpensive math game!

Math War Multiplication Game Cards My boys love to play War! Now, they can play while learning their multiplication facts! Yay!

Monopoly Board Game Learning money is super fun with this tried and true game of Monopoly!

Learning Resources Sum Swamp Game Want to learn addition while playing? Addition is a great skill to learn as multiplication builds on the principles of addition! This game has great reviews!

Pay Day Board Game (Editions may vary) My husband grew up playing this game and now my kids love it! Teach kids how to count, earn and spend money!

ThinkFun Math Dice Jr. My mother-in-law gave us this game for Christmas one year and the kids really had fun playing it! It really teaches mathematic principles!

Overall Educational Games

Brain Quest Smart Game I am really excited about this game! It involves math, science, and reading, among other things! We love the Brain Quest cards and this looks super fun!

Brain Quest Grade 1 Brain Quest cards are perfect for road trips! We like to bring our cards and ask questions in the car! They have different sets for different ages so you can continue the tradition as your children grow!

Cranium Family Edition My kids love cranium. It's fun for the whole family and you learn a little about everything!

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