Monday, April 7, 2014

Using A Ball To Spell - A Multi Sensory Approach to Spelling

Who says spelling practice can't be fun! We love using these methods because the kids love it and its super easy! All of the ideas are pretty simple, but, great ways to reinforce sound-letter sounds, syllables, or phonemes. Instead of spelling out each letter, have them spell out each phoneme or syllable at one time!

Bouncy Ball
Have them bounce a ball for each letter in their spelling word list!

If you want to go even farther, word map the word before hand and have them bounce the ball on the sidewalk in the correct box. We, for example, made two boxes with chalk on the sidewalk. In the first box, I wrote 1st Syllable, in the 2nd, I wrote 2nd Syllable. They would have to walk forward for each syllable in the word.

I then divided the syllable boxes in two. I wrote "C" for consonant and "V" for vowel inside each syllable box. You could also have them count phonemes instead of syllables. This is especially helpful for those who get in a hurry and leave out a letter or sound! It also reinforces word patterns and spelling rules!

Kick Ball
Kicking a soccer ball or kick ball back and forth for each letter is a great way to have fun and practice spelling!

Shoot The Ball
Shoot the ball into the basketball goal as you spell out the letters in your spelling words! We've done this even without a basketball net! We used a basket and a small bouncy ball, you could even use a piece of paper crumpled into a ball!

Pass The Ball
If your child is a baseball fan, throw a baseball back and forth and spell as you go!

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