Tuesday, April 8, 2014

15 Fun Ways to Learn with Alphabet Magnets

I was so excited to find these magnetic letters at the dollar store! They are made of wood. The entire back of the letter is magnetic! That means no little magnets that fall out and make the letters useless! They didn't stick to my cookie sheets, but, they did stick to the refrigerator and our magnetic white board!

Here are some really fun ways to learn with magnetic alphabet letters!

  1. Sing the Alphabet while your child sings along and places the letters up on the refrigerator.
  2. Scramble the Alphabet and have your child arrange them in order.
  3. After arranging the alphabet in order, have your child try to arrange it backwards.
  4. Have your preschooler practice creating his or her name with magnetic letters and the names of family members.
  5. Have your child look at a word and copy it with the magnetic letters.
  6. Have your child sort a few sets of magnetic alphabet letters by letter.
  7. Have your child sort a few sets of magnetic alphabet letters into vowels and consonants.
  8. Call out words and have your child distinguish the beginning or ending sounds and put them up with the letters.
  9. Word map with the magnetic letters by breaking words into their parts.
  10. Have your child play name that sound with you.  Name a sound that one of the letters in the alphabet make and have them identify which letter(s) can make that sound. If you are doing vowels, make sure you specify long or short sounds. If they are older, have them tell you when certain letters are used, such as "c" or "s" for the /s/ sound, or you teach them.
  11. Practice spelling words by having your child arrange the letters to spell each word on their list. 
  12. Scramble spelling words and have them unscramble them. Have a race to see who can unscramble first!
  13. Race to the refrigerator and see who can spell a desired word first.
  14. Learn sentence structure by having your child create a sentence with the magnetic letters!
  15. Spell each spelling word out on the refrigerator, then line the words up vertically by placing a common letter over each other. 

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